Food Equipment

We’re happy to carry the following reach-ins brands:

For decades, the Kelvinator®️ brand has been synonymous with quality and performance. With the introduction of the latest Kelvinator®️ Commercial line of food service refrigerators and freezers, Kelvinator®️ has delivered to the marketplace a line of products for professionals, designed to provide years of trouble-free service in demanding commercial applications.



Imbera is a world leader in the commercial refrigeration industry. Dedicated since 1941to the design, development and manufacturing of commercial refrigeration equipment.


Ojeda specializes in manufacturing commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, with our flagship product being novelty freezers and open air display cases.


Global Refrigeration’s line of products include: ice cream dipping cabinets, vertical low and medium temperature glass door merchandisers, solid door freezers and refrigerators, glass door refrigerators, drop-in cabinets and hardening cabinets.

Founded in 1958, Anthony is a manufacturer and solutions provider of glass refrigerator and freezer doors, lighting systems and display equipment for use in commercial refrigeration systems worldwide. Anthony’s products are designed to enhance merchandising, ensure food safety and protect the environment.

HABCO®️ Beverage Systems Inc. has over 50 years of beverage and foodservice industry experience. HABCO®️ is committed to excellence in every aspect of the organization and product line. The company has built its outstanding reputation on the foundations of quality, innovation and people.

Leer, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of retail ice merchandising equipment.

Continental Refrigerator, a division of National Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Products Inc. is a major manufacturer of commercial refrigeration. Over time, our full line of reach-in refrigerators, freezers and warming cabinets has been refined and has expanded to include over 2000 models.

As an active member of ARI’s Commercial Refrigerators Manufacturers Division (CRMD), Continental Refrigerator is taking proactive steps in meeting future energy requirements.