We continue to operate with curbside service and shipping options in place.

Please call in your order ahead of time and then call again when on-site and we will place your order outside for you.

The carts used to push your orders outside are sanitized after every usage.

No signature is required for curbside pick-ups , we just note the name of the customer picking up so pens do not need to exchange between staff/customers.

For customers not on account we encourage you to pay in advance via c/c for a touchless transaction.

If you must enter the building to pay for your product –  we request you wear a facemask.

Social distancing of 6ft within the building is strictly enforced.

We have a comprehensive daily sanitizing routine in place for all common touch areas and hard surfaces within the building.

Staff are required to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently every day.

Staff members displaying any of the known Covid-19 symptoms or who have been in close contact with anyone that tested positive for the virus within the last 14 days are not allowed on the premises until such time as cleared by the local health authorities.

If we should encounter any person testing positive for the virus and were recently at work or onsite we will contact the appropriate health authorities and follow their instruction in regards to possible closure for deep cleaning, sanitization and/or for guidance and the next steps for any staff member who was in recent , close contact with them.